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As an e-mail marketing agency, we create successful dialogue marketing strategies and
explode your newsletter opening and click-through-rates (CTO and CTR).

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  • Retain old and win new customers

    E-mail marketing is the perfect tool for customer acquisition, retention and recovery.

  • Reach your target audience

    With E-mail marketing you can address exactly these people who are interested in your products or services.

  • Share information and news

    Don’t wait for your customers to come to you: send news, promotions, blog posts or jobs directly via e-mail.

  • Full success-control

    With A/B testing and reports, we make success visible and plan the further course of action.

  • Increase sales

    Use e-mail marketing to trigger spontaneous purchases and thereby increase the number of clicks on the website.

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Our E-Mail Marketing services:

All from analysis to implementation

Perfectly tailored for your target group: We work out a comprehensive dialogue strategy for you.

Editorial work

Our experts create the right content for your e-mail marketing campaigns to delight your customers.

Technical implementation

All from one place: Technical implementation, layout creation and content for your newsletters.

Newsletter marketing

We implement new and revise old campaigns: Our experts design individual HTML email templates and optimize or compose newsletter content.
With appealing user guidance, we ensure maximum relevance for your audience and thus excellent conversion rates, click rates and opening rates.
From content marketing to SEA marketing to effective search engine optimization with full-service SEO support, we offer you the best online marketing know-how money can buy.

Technical implementation, layouts and content - all from a single source

As a full-service Internet agency, we cover all tasks in e-mail marketing: From the design of the newsletter template and writing the content to interesting newsletter subjects. Our customers use e-mail marketing to share news and offers, raise awareness of upcoming events or new blog posts and promote their services at the same time. With our e-mail marketing services your open rates and click-through rates will increase. This increase will bring you more conversions and more prospective customers. If you own an online shop, you can benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in e-commerce marketing.

Our experts fabricate creative e-mail marketing campaigns! Use it to improve your online marketing!

E-mail campagnen

We define goals and develop the strategic approach for your success.

Newsletter marketing

We create the design, the content and establish the technical requirements.

Conversion optimization

We increase your sales revenue with improved CTR, CTO and conversions.

E-Mail Marketing by IronShark

Werbung per Mail versenden mit individuellen Newsletter-Kampagnen

The benefits of E-Mail Marketing

Win new customers with newsletters

Customers receive a flood of news every single day so it’s not really a surprise that many newsletters land in trash without even being opened. This is why we focus on personalization and relevance with our e-mail marketing campaigns. Not only will it increase opening and click-through rates but it will also increase your online shop sales.

Whether you want to strengthen your customer loyalty, win new customers or appeal to old customers again, with a personalized e-mail you can reach people directly. We design an online marketing strategy that is tailored to your target group. This is how your products become a part of your customer lifecycle.

Should you implement e-mail marketing and why?

Customers are flooded with e-mails and many of these will never be opened. To stand out from the crowd, target-group-specific dialogue marketing must be conducted with individualized newsletter campaigns. Creative e-mail campaigns inform your customers about current promotions, special offers and products with an interesting and intriguing subject line to catch the customer’s attention.

Not only will you strengthen your bond with existing customers but you can also win new customers with e-mail marketing. Customers often use the newsletter to make a purchase they wouldn’t have made otherwise. Take advantage of our expertise in e-mail marketing and choose IronShark as your competent partner.

What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing informs existing and new customers over their personal e-mail about news, offers and more. These advertising e-mails aka newsletters contain information about the shop or the service and are intended for interaction or purchase and thus, influence positively your sales and conversion optimization. An additional advantage of e-mail marketing is the direct contact (direct marketing) with the customer and the possibility to win back old customers. In addition to a great content and excellent subject-line, it is equally important to pay attention to the technical implementation of the newsletter, such as the use of responsive designs and an attractive layout. Otherwise, your e-mails will end up in the trash, unopened.

How to design a high converting e-mail?

A newsletter should be designed attractively. After all, the goal is to convert a prospective lead into a paying customer and drive up your clicks and sales. This does not work with plain vanilla e-mails.

An optimized subject line and a personalized approach are elements that will not only make your newsletter attractive but will also help to increase your sales. With special money keywords and optimized wording you encourage your customers to make a purchase. Targeted placements of call-to-action items will further drive up your conversion rate. With optimized newsletter design and content, we help to create successful e-mail marketing campaigns and so make you successful with personalized advertising is.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign in just 3 steps:

Plan & create a concept

We conduct a market and competitor analysis to create a newsletter campaign that is best suited to your industry and your business. this ensures the best basis for an individual newsletter strategy.


We implement your e-mail marketing campaigns. Our experts design the newsletter template, write excellent subject lines and newsletter content.

Control & Support

We are at your disposal throughout the campaign. After sending, we monitor the success of the newsletter campaign and inform you about it with reports and continue to improve our strategy.

Tips for e-mail marketing

Create an editorial plan for your newsletters. That way you won’t have to worry and stress about the next topic. To create a basis, will it with events, holidays and creative motto days. You should also integrate seasonal periods and campaigns. That, for example makes sense in garden furniture or in the food sector. Create an attractive layout that is easy to read in the mobile view and if your design allows it, you can also adapt the look to the theme of your e-mail.

The goal of e-mail marketing is to increase the conversion rate. Tell the reader what to do and insert a call-to-action, e.g. “Click here the shop”, “Get it now 20% cheaper” or “Watch the product video HERE!”. All this falls under conversion optimization.

You want to get started in e-mail marketing, win new customers and increase your sales?

IronShark is your professional partner!

Our offer covers everything from analysis and planning to implementation and conversion optimization in order to create successful e-mail marketing campaigns. This is why we first evaluate the current state of your competitors. We help you reach your customers by e-mail cost-efficiently and to leave your customers a good impression with appealing templates and maximum personalization. We measure the success of our newsletter campaigns with A/B tests and a comprehensive reporting.


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