Conversion Optimization

Increase your sales, reduce bounce rates and optimize the shopping experience of your visitors by improving the customer journey!

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  • Long-term increase in sales

    Conversion optimization includes several measures that help you increase your sales.

  • A/B testing: Identifying conversion mechanisms

    The evaluation of suitable KPIs provides information about which measures can give the best success.

  • Lead your customers long their customer journey

    Create touchpoints and creatively guide your visitors through all stages of the customer journey.

  • Decrease bounce rate

    Analyze the conversion funnel and reduce the amount of abandoned carts.

  • Improve your online marketing

    Improve your site with further measures such as SEA marketing and search engine optimization.

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Our customers benefit from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Our services for your Conversion Optimization:

Picture and color language

With attractive pictures, well-chosen colors and a meaningful content structure, we improve the duration of stay as well as sign-up and sales processes.

Checkout/Cart optimization

We simplify checkout processes, highlight payment options, implement trust elements and reduce bounce rates with structural adjustments.

Content: Call to Action!

Ever heard of storytelling? Our content experts create sophisticated campaigns and keyword-based SEO texts that encourage your visitors to buy with CTA elements.

Mobile optimization

We optimize your website for smartphones, tablets and desktop. This allows your visitors to use the website comfortably on any device.

Usability optimization

We increase the usability of your website by increasing the performance of your e-commerce shop for all devices.

Targeted remarketing

With remarketing you can redirect a bounced user back to your site and increase your conversion rate.

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (also known as CRO) is a collective term that includes a variety of measures that help to increase conversion rates. What a conversion is depends on your services, products and goals: it can be a new newsletter subscriber, the usage of a certain application or a completed purchase.

In order to optimize conversions for your site, our online marketing team and developers work closely together to streamline all phases of the customer journey, both in terms of content and technology, and to increase its usability and performance. For that IronShark offers you services in SEA marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

Increase sales and more: Thanks to Conversion Optimization, your return on investment can be calculated more precisely and you can scale further measures based on an actual data. In addition, the conversion goals can be analyzed better.

Increase sales

With comprehensive conversion optimization measures, we increase your sales revenue in the long term.

Reduce bounce rate

We reduce the cart abandonment rate through skilful user guidance and easy product discovery.

Intuitive user guidance

We create touchpoints that guide your user through the customer journey and provide great user experience.

Increase your sales with Conversion Optimization

More buyers, less dropouts: inform yourself today!

Professional and comprehensive Conversion Optimization

Online marketing and web development all from the same place!

Conversion optimization is the supreme discipline in E-commerce because it brings so many areas together in an interdisciplinary manner. Specialists from online marketing and web development work together to offer you the all-round successful conversion rate optimization service. Everything from customer journey optimization to optimizating both content and technical requirements and the usability and performance of your website. We present the various methods of conversion optimization to you.

Optimize the shopping cart and checkout processes:

An important touchpoint to optimize is the ordering process which has to be simple, yet secure. The bounce rate is high when the login and checkout processes are perceived as particularly inconvenient and complicated. The more intuitive and faster the purchase process, the lower the bounce rate. Also, offering different payment options increases the conversion rate and serves the online customers habits. Shopping cart abandoners can be brought back to the shop with targeted remarketing who complete the purchase with the help of a reminder.

Optimize usability and user guidance:

A well-structured menu is very important for user guidance. An integrated filter and search function also helps to find the desired product with just a few clicks. For this it is important to maintain a detailed product information in the backend: Assign as many useful attributes as possible to your products.

Potential customers are made aware of your brand through several touchpoints. These points of contact guide users through all stages of the customer journey, from initial contact to checkout.

Keyword research helps to identify frequent searches and creates a basis for a data-based menu, page and category structure. These and other services are a part of our full-service SEO package.

Increase performance and ensure mobile optimization:

Websites which are mobile optimized and have a good performance benefit from a better conversion rate: The performance speed can be improved by clean source code, web-optimized images and by deleting unnecessary plug-ins.

However, performance speed alone is not everything: An appealing responsive design for all devices is elemental according to Mobile First concept. It is important to keep the user interface as simple and intuitive as possible.

Enrich content with call-to-action elements:

Call-To-Actions (CTA) are action prompts that encourage the potential customer to perform a certain action, such as subscribe to a newsletter, follow a link or start a download.

CTA elements can be a linked text, pictures with a text: “25% on everything!”  or a button with the caption: “Get newsletters with cool info!”.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it: Too many purchase requests have a penetrating effect and disturb the overall impression of the website. Place the CTAs strategically to positively influence the customer journey.


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