Local SEO

Get ranked #1 in your region: Google My Business listings, local citations, Google Map pins and reviews help to position yourself prominently in your area!

  • Be present online in your region

    Make yourself and your offers visible online and specifically control search queries in your region.

  • Increase sales

    Get your website visitors into your store: Generate search queries with Local SEO and increase your in-store sales.

  • Content marketing

    Be an expert: Create blog posts or position your products and services in the right place!

  • Full control

    We deliver regular reports, in which we keep the success of the Local SEO measures understandable for you. This helps you can determine how to proceed.

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With SEO services we support:

Local SEO: Our services

Search engine optimization

We support you with local SEO and offer additional services in technical SEO, onpage optimization and keyword research.

Full-service SEO

We are happy to support you with further measures for a all-around service in search engine optimization.

Onpage optimization

We analyse your website and imply various onpage measures to optimize its performance.

Local citations and reviews

We input entries in Local Citations e.g. (gelbeseiten.de or meinestadt.de) and encourage satisfied customers to give you a rating.

Monitoring and reporting

Our measures are measurable: You can follow the success with the help of our transparent reporting and determine how to proceed.

Google My Business

We’ll set up a Google My Business account for you and adjust it to help your customers find you on Google Maps.

Local SEO: Be visible and get found in your region!

Local SEO is particularly relevant for brick-and-mortar business owners. Whenever you are looking for a restaurant, a doctor or a workshop you search for it online. We analyze the market for you and implement search engine optimization. We create a Google My Business profile so that you can be found in Google Maps. In addition, we also provide services in technical SEO and onpage optimization and are happy to offer you a full-service SEO. Not only will it ensure your company a professional online profile but your customers will be able to find you you quicker!

Onpage optimization

We take a look at general factors of your website that influence your search engine ranking.

SEO analysis

Do you know how you rank against your competitors? We do the necessary research and let you know!

Google My Business

When creating an account in Google My Business you can be found in location-based queries and Google Maps.

Be successful in your region with Local SEO:

Generate location specific rankings in the search engines!

Local SEO

Be found online to sell your services offline

You have a bakery, a practice or a jewelery boutique and you want to be found in the search engines by people in your location? To benefit from Local SEO you have to be present online. On the one hand, of course, on your own website but also on Google My Business. People should also be able to find you via Google Maps and you need to have entries in Local Citations. Also evaluation portals and the activity in social media influences your location-related rankings. In addition to that you should also check your onpage optimization requirements.

Think about your own online behavior for a minute. How often do you search online for a nice restaurant, its opening hours, look for a doctor or the nearest gas station? If you can’t be found online you lose valuable customers. Local SEO is made possible with the location query on your IP or simply because you are logged in to your Google profile. When searching for “General Practitioner Berlin Mitte” you will be shown exactly those GPs in that region. With the term “restaurants nearby”, the search radius increases, although, it includes rather high price dining places rather than diners or fast food trucks.

We implement local SEO settings and optimize your Google My Business profile. In addition to the ad on Google Maps, you now also get the options to enter your phone number and opening hours. This gives interested parties the opportunity to reserve a table or to research whether a particular product is in stock. Local SEO also makes sense in the B2B business relationships. For example, if a customer gets lost on its way to you, it allows them to find your phone number quickly to get in touch and ask for directions.

Our local SEO experts are happy to take care of the necessary optimizations for you. Are you just starting to build your company presence? We are happy to advise you in detail in the area of Web development.


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