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Based on TYPO3, WordPress or eZ Platform, IronShark develops an individual content management system for you that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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  • Manage content

    Manage and maintain your content in a suitable content management system. No extensive extensive programming knowledge needed.

  • Assign user rights

    Assign individual access rights to your employees and only allow access to the areas that are necessary.

  • Individual adjustments

    Due to the variety of functional extensions and templates, content management systems can be individually adapted to your field of application.

  • Mobile optimization

    Thanks to responsive designs or individual programming, your customers can access your website on the go.

  • Excellent usability

    The user friendliness of the content management system leads to longer retention times, more page views and the achievement of your conversion goals.

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Some of our customers include:

Content Management Systems: Our services

Individual web development

Whether TYPO3, Shopware, WordPress or eZ – we develop a content management system that meets all of your requirements.

Plugins and interfaces

We develop necessary plugins and increase the functionality of your content management system with suitable interfaces.


We grant individual access rights and ensure an optimized workflow from creation to publication.

Online marketing

We create professional content and ensure that you are easy to find and well placed in search engines.

Social media marketing

We develop suitable interfaces for your social media channels that are integrated with your content management system.

Long-term support

We make regular adjustments, do updates and maintenance work and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Individual content management systems

We develop content management systems based on TYPO3, WordPress or eZ Platform. These enable an excellent workflow for content-heavy projects. We implement cross-divisional services in online marketing as well as in web development. Our experts set up various content management systems, install plugins and implement new interfaces. With regular updates, maintenance and optimization works, we keep the editorial systems up to date and sustainable. Our online marketing experts familiarize themselves quickly and thoroughly with the various topics, write professional content and implement the requirements for search engine optimization. Based on your strategy and the interplay of marketing and technology, we implement your editorial system and improve your conversions.

Web development

We develop your individual website – web portals, online shop, company presence or a brand image site.

Online marketing

Professional conversion optimization, successful e-mail marketing and profitable e-commerce marketing.

Conversion optimization

Generate more search queries and increase sales: We analyze your website and find your hidden potentials.

Implement and optimize Content Management Systemy

Web development and content management made simple and efficient!

Develop Content Management Systemy

Be successful with TYPO3, WordPress or eZ Platform!

TYPO3 as a CMS and editorial system is particularly suitable for big projects that go far beyond a simple blog. While adjustments in WordPress can be implemented with a bit of practice and research, TYPO3 requires an expert. However, it offers so many more possibilities. As a TYPO3 agency we have certified developers and many years of experience in conception, design and technical implementation of web projects. In addition, we offer you continuous optimization servces, as well as an update service and regular maintenance to ensure that your website remains viable.

eZ Platform is a so called headless CMS, in which content can be prepared and distributed to a website, an app or social media. This is why eZ Platform is particularly suitable for publishers and organizations that share lots of information and post across different channels. Compared to TYPO3, this editorial system keeps track of large amounts of content. In addition, eZ Platform is more powerful and easy to use even for beginners.

WordPress is a content management system originally intended to create blogs. It is now one of the most used CMS systems worldwide. The big advantage is its simple and intuitive management, as well as an appealing design and a high degree of flexibility which can be extended with various plugins. If you opt for WordPress as an editorial system, then we are happy to assist you as your personal contact in development and marketing.


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