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“Content is King” – IronShark creates high-quality online content to increase your conversion rate and help customers to identify with your brand.

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  • Bind customers with high quality content

    Create texts with added value instead of eye-catching advertising: Gain the trust of your customers through well-prepared content.

  • Top ranking in Google with content marketing

    Produce good content that lasts for a long-term and position yourself better in the search engines than the competition.

  • Create content with added value

    Create content that captivates readers and impress them with your values: Nothing beats informative and surprising content!

  • Inform your target group

    Use content marketing to inform, educate and share news about your business and services.

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With Content Marketing we support:

Our services in Content Marketing

Be at the top of search engine rankings: With our SEO texts, you can reach your target group successfully in the long term.

Create editorial plans

We research appropriate and relevant topics and schedule these on time.
Educating instead of advertising: We create informative white papers which impress technically.

Creating landing pages

When it comes to search engine optimization, we design landing pages to increase your visibility and get your ranking high in the search engines.
We write blog posts for you on different topics – regularly or exactly when you need a new blog posts.

Long-term cooperation

In addition to content marketing, we also support you in performance marketing and social media marketing.

Content Marketing increases customer loyalty and improves brand image

The goal of content marketing is to create online content that adds significant value to your potential audience. This strengthens the brand image of the company and creates customer loyalty. Therefore, content marketing does not primarily pursue a commercial idea but wants to create trust through educating and informing. SEO analysis can also reveal what content your audience is looking for. Targeted texts can be used to draw attention and appeal to your potential buyers. In the long term, our customers benefit from content marketing measures also in search engine optimization, because good texts also generate good rankings.

In content marketing, we successfully assist our clients in blog marketing, white paper marketing and in creating SEO texts.

Search Engine Optimization

Texts, that have the top ranking in search engines!

Creating content

Blog posts, white paper and more: Content that you need!

Creating customer loyalty

Build trust and improve your brand image with targeted content.

Content Marketing by IronShark

Content that surprises, impresses and builds trust!

What is Content Marketing?

Value-added content that turns the reader into a paying customer.

Content marketing is the art of getting in touch with existing or potential customers through quality online content without directly inviting them to buy products or services. The initial goal is to reach a specific target group and to retain it permanently. Ultimately, the customer should be impressed by the added value in the created content and respond profitably, that is complete a purchase.

Content marketing is more than just a text

It is a strategy to reach existing and potential customers through online text contributions. Although content marketing has a commercial background, first and foremost the contact with a specific target group is the most important. Interesting and relevant web content bounds the user to a page who eventually becomes a buyer. The focus is on the customer and not on the product. So it needs a well-written text that meets both the needs of the potential readers and the needs of search engines, especially Google.

What should be considered for successful content marketing?

For content marketing the relevance and the added value of the content is essential. Also, it is important for a company to display relevant content to its customers and visitors quickly and directly. This is the only way to win over potential customers and retain them.

The highest priority is on the relevance of the information provided. It doesn’t matter if your provide a useful guidebook or rather entertaining news – the added value for the user hast to be recognizable. Ideally, content is unique and companies can leverage their own expertise. However, marketing representatives should always keep in mind the specific information needs of their target group.

Content marketing offers a long-term advertising effect

The ARD-ZDF online study 2010 shows that users superficially consider the Internet as a medium for information. Also, online advertising is perceived as annoying and disturbing. So what does it mean for advertising companies? It will be increasingly important for companies to serve their users with valuable information on the Internet and to win them as customers through this commitment.

The motto is “Content is King”, because high-quality content is worthwhile for companies for different reasons: Firstly, the relevance of their own website on search engines (the PageRank), secondly, the so-called brand loyalty can be increased significantly.

These are not all positive aspects of content marketing: Practice shows that loyal users of a brand are more willing to subscribe to the newsletter and also buy there. The interaction rate is also significantly higher with this group of users, allowing companies to respond to the needs of the target audience more accurately. And don’t forget, with informative content, useful guides, insider tips or entertaining, interactive elements, you transfer a positive image to the brand.

It is important for the reader to enjoy reading and viewing the provided content. Also the videos, images and texts must be prepared and written always with the reader in mind. In order to distribute the content in the best possible way, it may be useful to combine your content marketing strategy with social media channels such as  Facebook, social bookmarking services or even news portals. An RSS feed can also help to guide users to your website again and again.

Meanwhile, the typical online advertising measures are increasingly being used to support the center of corporate media activities – content marketing. Instead of being permanently harassed by direct and annoying advertising which users close after a few moments or block it with the help of various plugins, content marketing offers the user good time with interesting content which is dealt with intensively. This means that the reader, your potential customer, is just a click away from the services, products or E-commerce opportunities that you offer. And finally: Quality prevails. The importance of content marketing will continue to grow significantly!


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