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The update service by IronShark will keep your web presence up-to-date.

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  • Update for your CMS and online shops

    We are updating CMS such as WordPress, TYPO3, Magento 1, Shopware and eZ platform.

  • More security for you web applications

    Bug fixes and elimination of known vulnerabilities through regular updates.

  • State of the art features

    Get the latest feature updates on about your CMS and its related themes and extensions!

  • Backups and functional tests

    We provide regular backups of files and database and regularly check the functionality of your system.

  • Modern Web Applications

    We make sure that your web application is future-oriented and we provide you with regular updates.

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Update Service by IronShark at a glance:

Maintenance work

We provide you with maintenance, updates and optimizations which are done on a regular basis.

Create plugins

We implement suitable plugins for the extension and customization of your online shop or website.  

Marketing strategies

In addition to our update service we are also happy to provide you our know-how in online marketing.

Webshop support service

We advise and assist you in all e-commerce topics. Your webshop development and its marketing comes from the same agency.

Web and App development

Are you planning a relaunch, improve an existing project or create a new one? You have come to the right place!


As a digital agency, we help to improve your conversions with professional SEO, SEA and content marketing.

Stay up-to-date with our update service

Our customers who use the update service  by IronShark trust our professionals with the maintenance and updating of their projects. We ensure the functionality of your website or an app and close known security holes. In addition to that, system updates are highly recommended for data protection and blacklist warnings.

We are happy to provide you with the necessary updates as part of our update service. We can also support you with web development, marketing and technology.

Web Development

We handle the updates for Magento, Shopware, Typo 3, WordPress and ez Platform.

App Development

We update your app and provide you with optimization options.

E-Commerce Solutions

We are happy to advise you in the selection of the suitale shop system.

Update service by IronShark

Increase the efficiency and optimization of your website!

Updates close security holes and improve your projects!

Let update service by IronShark take care of this for you!

Update Service by IronShark

With the help of our update service, your software remains up-to-date and future-proof. Regular updates close security holes, provide bug fixes (programming errors) and integrate new features and customization options. Updates should be done on a regular basis for your own protection but also to take full advantage of the functionalities available.

Worst Case: Why are updates important?

Case 1: Let’s assume you have an online shop where users need to log in with a user account. Developers detect a vulnerability and fix with a CMS update. If it becomes a known vulnerability your system can also be tested against it. This is often completely automated. Hacker can then take an advantage of this and integrate a bad code or gain access to your user data.

Case 2: Let’s assume you are using an extension that helps you with the search engine optimization of your website. Over time, the standards and algorithms of search engines change. Now, if the extension is not regularly updated, you will continue to work in accordance to the outdated specifications, which can have negative effects on your rankings.

Updates: Not only technical but also a legal necessity!

Updates are not only technically needed but they are often needed to adapt your system to new legal requirements as well. By adapting to new privacy laws or consumer protection directives you can prevent costly warnings.

On the other hand, updates provide you with bug fixes and create new features that will simplify your everyday work and create new possibilities. These are often in favor of design and user-friendliness. IronShark can provide you with the update service that puts you on the safe side.


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