Full-service SEO

For the extensive support for your website or your webshop we cover all the important measures that improve your Google ranking!

  • Technical SEO

    Optimized source code, system and server configurations keep the pages well crawled. That is also the basis for further SEO measures.

  • SEO analysis

    Analyze the actual status of your website and discover possibilities for optimization at various levels.

  • Create SEO texts

    Based on a well-founded keyword research you can create content that will improve your Google ranking and increases your visibility.

  • Competitor analysis

    The competitior analysis shows where you can take advantage of unused opportunities compared to your competitors and where you need improvement.

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We provide full-service SEO for:

Full-Service SEO: Everything included

SEO analysis

We will review your website technology and content and give suggestions for optimization measures based on the analysis.

Technical SEO

We create the basis for an optimized crawling of your website by adapting software, source code, redirections and server configuration.

Competitor analysis

We determine where you stand with rankings, product range, loading speed, document and page structure and technology.

Keyword research

We identify all relevant keywords, including their search volume and deduce meaningful content strategies as well as Google and user-friendly page structures.

Create SEO texts

Our online marketing experts write creative and informative texts that improve your Google ranking and are of value for your target audience.

Local SEO

In order to be prominently featured in your region, we create Google My Business listing for you and maintain the most important corporate data.

Improvie your Google Ranking with our Full-Service SEO

The full-service SEO is a combination of many different individual services, which in their entirety increase your website ranking. Your advantage with IronShark is that all services are dove by our team and all SEO measures work together successfully. You benefit from all the know-how of our experts and have a permanent contact person.

Full-service SEO

Our task is to improve your Google ranking. The basis for this is valid data, various analyzes and keyword research

Keyword research

What are your customers looking for exactly? We will find it out and identify relevant queries.

Create SEO texts

Our content experts write search engine and user-friendly texts that are easy to read and value-adding.

Full-Service SEO:

Improve your Google Ranking with IronShark!

Full-Service SEO implemented by the professionals

Analysis, evaluation and optimization 

IronShark does not like incomplete things – that’s why we offer you the big picture with full-service SEO. Our goal is to improve your Google ranking through a variety of measures. We use professional SEO tools to analyze your website content and technical requirements, as well as to carry out competitior analyzes. The evaluation of this data forms the basis of the full-service SEO support, since they can be used to derive concrete instructions and optimization possibilities. Our full-service SEO includes:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an integral part of our full-service SEO because search engine optimization only works when the technical requirements are met or optimized. The best document structure and the most creative SEO text have no effect when your existing pages load slowly or suffer from poor crawlability due to incompatible plugins, dirty source code, incorrect redirects or a bad server configuration.

It is comparable to a luxury car with a broken engine, which is perfectly designed but brings no performance. The performance is also not provided when new comfortable seats or wheels are purchased – that is optimization at the wrong place.

The first step in our full-service SEO is to create a technically sound framework for you. Thus, technical SEO provides the basis for all further SEO measures, thanks to which we improve your Google ranking.

SEO analysis

Extensive SEO analysis of your website or webshop with professional SEO tools is the second step of our complete SEO service. We present all relevant data of the analysis transparently, so that you can understand our further course of action derived from the analysis.

In the SEO analysis, for example, we check whether you have a working tracking system that records the behavior of your users: How was your page found? When and why do visitors leave again? Were conversion goals created?

In addition, the SEO Check includes the analysis of the current document structure: Has the hierarchy of headings rules been complied to? Are the title tag and the meta-description available or do you include an SEO optimization and user signals? We clarify all aspects as a part of our full-service SEO.

Full-Service SEO

Everything from the same place!

Competitor analysis

Increase your traffic and revenue by finding out which homework your competitors are doing and which not. This allows you to find niches and occupy them successfully for yourself. We also compare the visibility of your main competitors with that of your online shop. This allows us to discover untapped potentials with which you can overtake the competition in the long term.

Get to know the competition and its strengths and weaknesses with a competitor analysis. The gained insights help to determine the further course of your full-service SEO to increase your Website ranking.

An extensive competitor analysis is time-consuming but significant one-time performance – basically the map for an operative search engine optimization.

Keyword research

With the help of a comprehensive keyword research, we determine by which relevant search terms your customers and visitors find you. The research reveals keywords that you already rank well for and which are still unused and can boost your website ranking. As a part of our full-service SEO we show you transactional, short and longtail keywords, with which you can successfully occupy a niche and draw customers’ attention to your product even with low search volume.

The keyword research also serves to derive a meaningful menu and page structure that guides your visitors intuitively and meaningfully through your online shop or website. A successful user guidance increases the time-on-page and thus, improves your ranking.

Create SEO texts

The operative full-service SEO starts: Based on the keyword research and the competitor analysis we create a keyword ranklist after which we starte to create SEO texts.  Our content managers specialize in learning topics quickly and writing creative, user-friendly and informative texts that also consider conversion optimization measures.

All texts contain the most relevant keyword groups for each topic to improve your Google ranking. At the same time, our SEO copywriters add meaningful internal links that serve both, the user guidance and increase the website ranking. Thus, the our full-service SEO support is measurable.

Our online marketing experts work in close consultation with you to coordinate not only data-based decisions but above all, take into account your ideas and your target group needs.

Local SEO

Local SEO will place you prominently for visitors and customers in your region! IronShark submits your business into Google My Business with all the relevant data. Other ranking factors for Local SEO are, for example, social media signals, personalized Google search but also reviews of your company and your website backlinks. Depending on the industry, Local SEO is an important starting point to stand up to the competition! Use the opportunity to increase the attention, good ratings and visitor numbers.


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