AdWords optimization

We optimize your Google AdWords account for keywords, CPC, and bid adjustments. Improve your quality factors with IronShark!

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  • Budget management

    By testing ads and creating keyword sets, we will distribute your budget to generate the maximal revenue.

  • AdWords analysis

    Extensive research helps to minimize unnecessary impressions, costs and any negative impact on your AdWords account.

  • Ads for your target audience

    … and only for your target audience! We narrow down your keywords to reduce unnecessary costs and drive up your conversions by directly addressing the right people.

  • Remarketing

    Bring visitors and shopping cart abandoners back to your page, gain new customers and strengthen customer relationships by individualized offers.

Torsten Ivens

Sales Consultant

„Would you like us to optimize your AdWord campaigns? I would be happy to advise you on our successful measures!“

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We optimize AdWords for:

AdWords Optimization: Our services

Keyword researches

We determine the cost and reach estimation as well as the search term potentials.

Ad creation

We create high quality ads and choose suitable extensions which are perfectly tailored to your audiences.

Conversion tracking

We’ll set up your AdWords account and check that the conversions are tracked correctly.

Continuous optimization

We carry out tests and make improvements to your quality factors to improve the performance of your ads.

Remarketing campaigns

We work out remarketing lists that are cost-saving and high converting to bind customers in the long term.

Cost saving

We prevent irrelevant traffic and high click costs by optimizing your budget allocation.

Turn up your sales with AdWords Optimization

We will increase your sales noticeably!

Use AdWords Optimization to uncover new potentials and increase your sales:

AdWords optimization includes a professional and sophisticated account setup as well as cost and reach estimation. Our experts structure the campaigns based on products and services and create high-quality ads. In order to filter out the right optimization potentials, the first thing we check is whether the conversion tracking is set up correctly. Ongoing AdWords optimization includes keyword and search term management, CPC and bid adjustments according to devices, ad time, networks, and locations, as well as ad testing and remarketing.

We will optimize your AdWords, saving you time and maximizing your profits! In addition to our AdWords services, we also create Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Display Ads.

AdWords analysis

Based on the AdWords analysis, we’ll make recommendations for AdWords optimization and get the most out of your account.

SEA marketing

Whether Facebook, Instagram or Google Shopping Ads – our performance marketing experts create successful advertising campaigns.

Long-term support

We manage your AdWords account over the long term and will always make adjustments and optimizations – your products and services benefit from the best placement.


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Torsten Ivens
Sales Manager
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