Blog Marketing

With blog texts by IronShark you can offer interesting posts for your target group and establish yourself as an expert, grow your reach and thus build a community.

  • High quality content

    Create value and connect with your customers with blog posts. Position yourself as an expert and gain long-term trust.

  • Become and influencer

    Generate revenue by placing affiliate links and product placements of companies in your industry.

  • Social media content

    Share your blog posts on Facebook, Xing or Instagram. That is how you create Interaction and build a strong community!

  • Inform and educate

    Blog marketing is a great way to spread information about your accomplishments, clear prejudices and strengthen your brand.

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Our customers in Blog Marketing:

Our services in Blog Marketing:

Drafting blog entires

We write blog posts that are informative and with added value for the reader. This keeps your dropout rate low and your fan base growing.

Content marketing

Do you want your texts to be found on search engines? Upon request, our experts will create SEO texts and write professional white papers.

Social media marketing

A blog lives through its community: We manage your social media channels and increase interactions in Facebook, Instagram &Co.

Improve your reach

We connect with influencers and other bloggers who increase the visibility of your blog by sharing on their social networks and blogs.

Create editorial plan

We work out a suitable plan and topics for you and suggest actions proactively to create regular blog posts.

Long-term blog marketing

It is important for us to work with you in the long term. In addition to blog posts, we offer comprehensive services in online marketing.

Blog marketing: Building a fan base with exciting texts

With blog marketing, the experts at IronShark manage to build a community and generate a large readership. We create high quality contributions with added value for the reader. Whether entertaining blog posts, interviews, guides, informative articles or critical texts with a high potential for discussion – our content marketing managers have the necessary academic background and work quickly and thoroughly into topics based on many years of experience in research and writing. This guarantees professional, readable and structured blog posts.

Our style of communication is open and friendly which also affects the number of newsletter subscribers and social media fans. Customers who have already built a large readership can monetize their blog by paid product placements or commissions through affiliate links or distribute their own products.

In the context of performance marketing, we also offer white paper marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization as well as suitable e-commerce solutions for your shop. Schedule an appointment today with our experts!

Content marketing

Blog entries, white papers or product descriptions – we can create them all!

Social media management

We share your blog posts in the social networks and offer a full service in social media management.

Bild a community

Position yourself as an expert with your blog texts to stimulate the user engagement of your community.

Blog Marketing by IronShark

Blog texts that make you the expert in your industry!

What is Blog Marketing?

Good blog posts are with high quality, informative and leave room for discussion

The reasons to do blog marketing can be different. On the one hand, many writers simply enjoy writing and the fact that they finance themselves with product placements or affiliate links is sometimes only a positive side effect. On the other hand, shop owners in particular like to use blogs as an add-on to their shop to get readers to buy or to share company news. No matter why you operate a blog, the common interest here is that the blog should be read. This is where blog marketing comes into play.

The aim of blog marketing is to research relevant topics, write attractive and value-adding texts, publish these and then to share these in social media channels. The goal is to increase your reach, build trust and establish yourself as an expert. Financial aspects are hereby secondary.

Blog Marketing: Texts without search engine optimization?

Many blog operators assume that writing good blog posts is easy. In fact, behind good blog marketing is a comprehensive research, detailed topic planning and well-prepared and well-structured texts. Since blog marketing does not necessarily go hand in hand with search engine optimization, it is particularly important that the posts are so relevant and exciting that they become somewhat viral. It is important that the community is encouraged to share an opinion, share and link to the posts. Blog marketing could also be described as the word-of-mouth digital propaganda.

What is important in blog marketing?

The aim is to satisfy the information needs of the target group and answer their questions, but at the same time it should leave room for new questions. Unlike advertising, blog marketing doesn’t push the reader directly to a purchase, much more it is persuasive and informative providing your expertise knowledge and practical tips.

In blog marketing it is important:

  • Interesting contributions with further discussion potential
  • Unique texts
  • Positioning yourself as an expert
  • Customer or target group loyalty by newsletter subscriptions, new social media followers or purchase

Blog marketing and social media

If you run a blog that is not in the top 10 rankings of search engines, it is especially important that you bring your content to the reader. For this, you need to use social networks and distribute your content there. On the one hand, it is important to publish your own contributions but it is equally important to build up a community and communicate with them.

Furthermore, it may be useful to share your posts in other Facebook groups and acquire influencers who point to your blog which thereby also increases your reach. In Facebook it is also possible to book paid ads in order to target your audience specifically. Whether Facebook Ads are of use for you can be discussed in an individual conversation with your. We are happy to extend our services in blog marketing with comprehensive social media management.


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