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SEO texts can be created with added value for your visitor and according to Google standards! We write attractive SEO texts to improve your Google ranking.

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  • Improve website ranking and increase visibility

    Create search engine optimized content for your services and products to increase the visibility and the ranking of your website.

  • Align your content with your keywords

    Cover all relevant searches by your potential customers in order to be ranked on Google for the right keywords.

  • Added value for your users

    Appealing, informative and well-structured content adds value to your customers and in turn increases the time spent on site and therefore also the rating of your website.

  • Serve customer expectations

    Using keyword research as a basis, you will find out what your customers are searching for most frequently: We create tailor-made SEO texts based on this knowledge.

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Among other things, we also create SEO texts for these customers:

SEO Texts by IronShark: Our services

Keyword research

Based on your current achievements and your target group, we identify relevant keywords with high search volumes and niche potentials to specifically address (new) customers.

Oriented on Google specifications

Correct document structure, uniqueness, internal and external links: We take these and many other requirements into account to create well-ranked SEO texts.

Long-term support

The Google Webmaster Guidelines are changing again? Are you in a need for more content? Do you want regular optimizations? – We are your professional SEO partner!

Experienced editors

Our employees with social, communication and media background provide you with excellent writing and research skills.
We offer the holistic service on search engine optimization starting with SEO analyzes to technical SEO and local SEO.

Content with added value

We write meaningful content for your user – is is informative, creative and structured. Random bla-bla and keyword stuffing is not our thing!

Editorial know-how and Online Marketing expertise united:

We write SEO texts that appeal to your customers in an informative, creative and meaningful way:
Our online experts have cross-industry knowledge and excellent research skills to quickly familiarize themselves with your topic and your product world. With excellent writing skills, we can create SEO texts that capture the tonality of the industry and your target audience.

The distinctive sense for language in combination with the online marketing competence creates the perfect starting point: Professionally prepared content is ideally suited to implement SEA marketing in the form of AdWords or Bing ads in addition to your improving website ranking. When creating SEO texts, we always have the conversion optimization in mind.

User-friendly and readable

The aim of a good SEO texts is not only to rank but to inform the reader and appeal to target groups.

Keyword research

We identify what your customers are searching for and then optimize your website or webshop accordingly.

Full-service SEO

We are happy to assist you with analyzes of search engine optimization as well as technical SEO.

SEO Texte erstellen:

Statt Keyword-Stuffing: Rankings steigern und Mehrwert bieten!

Create SEO texts and improve the Google ranking

What are SEO texts?

SEO texts are to be understood as content, which is designed according to the search queries of users and which ranks well in the search results of your targeted customer and fulfils their intention. E.g. if a user is looking for a certain product, it first needs to find it in order to be able to buy it.

The term SEO text suggests that the content is stubbornly aligned with the needs of the search engine in order to accommodate as many relevant keywords as possible in the text. This is a fallacy: keyword stuffing is considered spamming.

We write SEO texts primarily for the user. If texts are attractive for user, creatively written and offer some informative added value then the time spent on the page increases, which in turn improves your ranking.

Create SEO texts in 3 steps:

1. Keyword Research: We analyze both niche keywords and the keywords with high search volumes. In addition, the entire menu and page structure of the website can be derived based on the keyword analysis to simplify the user guidance.

2. Joint Consultation: Communication and customer orientation are important to us, that is why we speak with you about the highlights of your products, your target group and your desired tonality.

3. SEO texts: We write the content in a timely manner and create a landing page on request. Of course, you will have a correction loop before the publication in order to accept the texts and, if necessary, make suggestions for changes.

Content with customer orientation …

SEO texts offer added value when visitors find or experience something new, useful, exciting or interesting. We prepare the content creatively and well structured. In combination with an appealing imagery, the user can be guided through the site which is also one aspect of the conversion optimization.


… according to Google guidelines

In order for the SEO texts to rank well in the search engines, we stick to the Google guidelines. For example, we pay attention to the correct document structure and don’t forget the SEO for pictures. Sounds trivial and self-evident, yet mistakes often occur in this part. We consider all web standards already during the conception.


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