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Gain new customers with white papers written by our experts for your corporate communications!

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  • Generate leads and win new customers

    Generate valuable contacts by using your white paper as a giveaway in return for a newsletter subscription.

  • Guaranteed added value for your customers

    White papers are much more extensive than blog articles or common online marketing measures as information will be processes more professionally.

  • Position yourself as an expert

    By solving an actual problem for your white paper reader you position yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Increase your brand awareness

    White paper marketing can make a significant contribution to improve your position in the search engines and thereby generating more awareness.

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To our customers include, among others:

White Paper Marketing: Our services

Expert knowledge

We know the success factors for a good white paper marketing: Benefit from our know-how.

Texts for everyone

Our task is to make complex topics understandable and easy to read for anyone who is interested.

Fast training

We have experts from different areas and guarantee a quick familiarization with your subject.

Structured content

We structure your white paper professionally and create an all-round expert product.

Quality white paper marketing

We have set a very high standard on quality for ourselves – and you will benefit from it!
We cover all areas of performance marketing with a high level of expertise.

White Paper Marketing: Professional content

We write professional white papers which make our clients an expert in the eyes of the readers. The scope usually ranges from 6 50 15 pages but can be more extensive depending on the requirements and the specific topic. You can expect professional and the highest quality from us. With an existing expert knowledge in areas such as health, pharmacy, IT and telecommunications, energy supply, mechanical engineering, chemistry and tourism, we guarantee you a fast learning curve.

As a full-service agency, we also offer other services in content marketing like writing blog posts and creating SEO texts. This allows us to diversify your topic across different platforms and channels in order to increase awareness.

Content marketing

We ensure a fast learning curve for your specific topics.

Structured content

We create your white paper professionally from the beginning to end.

Increasing conversion rate

We increase your conversions with content and search engine optimization.

White Paper Marketing by IronShark

Professionally prepared information for your customers!

Use White Paper Marketing to reach your customers

The communication tool in inbound marketing

How to generate relevant content for your own website? Quite simply – with the right communication tools like content marketing. White paper marketing in particular is one of the most important instruments for internal and external corporate communication. It is target group oriented and effective. But how do you get professional content with little effort? With white paper marketing by IronShark!

White papers are a communication tool for the comprehensible presentation of complex issues. They can be designed as case studies, as user reports or analytical texts. The aim is to present the topic in a limited scope (about 6 to 15 pages) in detail and thereby offer your target group a value adding benefit on a certain topic.

Create your individual white papers professionally by using the know-how of our experts. We already have a good knowledge in industries such as IT and telecommunications, healthcare, energy, engineering, pharmacy, chemistry and tourism.

Do you prefer creating your own content to save agency costs?

By doing so, consider the permanent internal workload in your company. You tie up your resources and block important working hours. In addition, you refrain from external know-how and ideas that might give a new an interesting perspective to your topics.

Studies show that the greater your own know-how, the more external knowledge is used. Try it out and get the white paper marketing from a professional agency.

Keep your information up to date: Bring fresh air into your business and benefit from our offer to have white paper marketing done externally.

White paper marketing: Content for lead generation

Processes and tasks are delegated and you save the time for your actual task: Moving your company forward!

Thanks to the extensive know-how, our experts are able to familiarize themselves very quickly with your specific topic and process it appropriately to create target group-oriented papers. Combined with our external know-how, this results in an informative added value for the readers.

We ensure a functioning B2B communication for you and you reap the benefits of it! Because Google rewards current and relevant content, such as white paper and infographics with a better ranking.

Get more time for strategic planning and control: At the same time, you can save time and money. We can create your white papers for internal and external corporate communications. Even for the most complex topics we will find a way to present it comprehensibly and professionally to your target audience. We assure fast familiarization with the topic, optimal content preparation and an understandable writing style of your individual topics. Benefit from our white paper marketing services and request your personal consultation today!


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