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We develop successful search engine marketing for your target group in Google – informative and with positive ROI.

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  • Set up Google Adwords account

    All relevant keywords, suitable ad texts and high quality factors at low click prices – for the best display of your services.

  • Efficient bid adjustment

    Achieve the desired revenue to cost ratio as quickly as possible by adjusting to locations, devices and times of day.

  • Targeted remarketing

    Retarget your site visitors, shopping cart drop-offs or buyers again and increase your sales probability.

  • Shopping feed editing

    Data-centered optimization of your Shopping Feed and your Google Shopping Ads to ensure the best placement of your products.

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Among others, we support these customers in SEA Marketing:

Our SEA Marketing services:

AdWords optimization

We identify relevant keywords, compose excellent ad texts, use your budget effectively and keep click prices low.

Use remarketing opportunities

We help you to recover shopping cart drop-offs with appropriate remarketing measures to win back your customers.

AdWords analytics

With active monitoring and regular reports we ensure that your Ads generate increased revenues and decreased costs.

Identify sales potential

We increase your sales with efficient campaign management in Google AdWords and by pushing conversion keywords.

Google Shopping Ads

We ensure the data-oriented placement of your products so that you can target the right target group with your products.

Save unnecessary costs

Irrelevant traffic generates high costs for your Ad clicks. We help you to save your budget and use it efficiently to generate more revenue.

Generate more sales with SEA Marketing:

Increase your traffic and your turnover.

SEA Marketing: Create a concept and increase your sales

First and foremost, SEA Marketing should increase your sales and reduce the click prices of your Ads. However, this only successful if an effective concept is in place which shows the necessary preparations to reach the big goal.

We provide you with a valuable input for your campaign structure and to the Ads themselves, in order to increase brand awareness, get more visitors and increase sales in the short and in long term.

Our experienced online marketing team will advise you in detail about AdWords optimization and help to discover the potentials of your account to deliver successful ads. The individual approach will help you reach the desired audiences and won’t incur costs through misleading advertising!

Google AdWords

Identify keywords, optimize campaign structure and reduce cost per clicks.


Win back shopping cart drop-offs and the value of your existing customers.


We ensure a targeted and cost-effective Ads management.

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