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IronShark develops the right communication strategy for your brand to efficiently expand your reach and improve customer retention.

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  • Daily dialogue with your customers

    Build lasting relationships with your customers to increase customer loyalty and their readiness to buy.

  • Individual Social Media Marketing for your brand

    With the right strategy you can increase the number of followers, likes and shares & expand your reach.

  • Increase the interaction rate

    We create unique content with added value to spark interest and engage your customers.

  • Monitor and keep full control

    The editorial plan is a part of social media marketing that helps to prepare and plan your content ahead.

  • Maximize your reach with the right channel selection

    Your brand does not have to be present on every channel. Good social media marketing reaches your target group there where it actually spends its time.

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They are already benefiting from Social Media Marketing by IronShark:

An overview of our Social Media Marketing services:

Social Media Management

We create a social media concept, plan your marketing strategy and implement various campaigns for your social profiles.

Monitoring and Reporting

We measure the results with professional tools and adapt the strategies accordingly. You receive regular reports about the results.

Social Media Crisis Management

We know how to avoid shitstorms. However, if worst comes to worst we also know how to handle it and advise you with the right tips.

Facebook Ads

We plan and optimize your Facebook Ads to attract your target audience.

Instagram Ads

We help to significantly increase your brand awareness with Instagram Ads.

Display Ads

We help to significantly increase your conversions with a visual language.

Social Media Marketing from A to Z

Social media marketing is a great way to reach your customers fast and on a personal level. It allows you to start meaningful conversations and build a relationship with your customer. We manage your social media accounts and create campaigns with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Display Ads. A long-term collaboration for social media marketing is very important for us. This is why you will have a permanent contact person who coordinates and implements innovative ideas to acquire new customers as well as keep the existing customers engaged. 

Content creation

We will find the right words and will create the content for all your channels.

Social Media Ads

We will advertise your products and services directly on Social Media.

Channel management

We will stay in contact with you all the way through and will adjust the strategy if needed.

Social Media Marketing with IronShark

Measurable results for your success!

The possibilities of Social Media Marketing

How to turn your customers into loyal fans:

Social networks are the media through which you can reach customers directly and help your brand build its own image and awareness. Which channel selection and which strategy is the right one for you will be developed together in an individual workshop for social media marketing. With these social media measures you will have the opportunity to increase the awareness of your services and products as well as get in touch with your audiences. This will also contribute to the customer engagement and customer loyalty.

With social media marketing you have the opportunity to direct your fans to other channels or send them directly to your shop. In addition to selecting the appropriate channels, we will design editorial plans that will create more customer interaction in form of likes, comments and shares for your products. For your editorial plan we work out a mix of visual content, sweepstakes and other interactive actions that will provide you with important social signals.

Which is the right channel for me?

During our social media management consultation we will define the suitable social media channels for you based on which channel your target group is active. If your products look good visually and can be used to create appealing pictures then depending on the age of your target group, your brand could be a good fit for Instagram. However, if you can create meaningful video content such as interviews or product presentations, your brand could be a good fit for YouTube and Facebook.

We advise you individually based on your brand’s specifications to create a functioning Social Media Strategy.

Create content with added value

For quite some time now, it is not as easy to expand your reach in Facebook, Instagram and Co. This is why it is extremely important to create content that offers real value to your audience so they would like, comment and share.

Editorial plan is an excellent Social Media Marketing tool that helps you plan your content ahead and analyse which content performs the best. We will develop this plan together with you.

Your posts should redirect your audience to other platforms and trigger an action, such as purchase in online shop, form submission or a newsletter signup.

Social media marketing plan includes the concept development for Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and Display Ads.

Social Media platforms are excellent to advertise cost-effectively and directly to your right audience. However, it is one thing to create an Ad but another thing to create an Ad that will give you the desired results. We will generate the right call to action to which your audience responds – whether it’s through a purchase in the shop, a “like” on your page or on a job application for a new internship position.

We are happy to advise you on your social media activities.   


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