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Independent of the industry, we implement individual concepts for all of our customers. Tailor made solutions is what we specialize in.

STÄUBLI International AG


Relaunch / Web Development:
– technical implementation with the latest TYPO3 version
– continuous support and development
– complete integration with the customized Asset Management System
– “mobile first” design implementation
– data migration
– implementation of country and language specific content
– country and language recognition according to the visitor country or browser language

Technical details:
– TYPO3 composer mode
– Cloudflare CDN integration
– Amazon S3 FAL storage – Ansible deployment
– unit and acceptance tests
– modulare template integration with mask
– extension development

Online Marketing:
– technical SEO
– hreflang tags
– canonical tags
– performance optimizations
– country specific sitemaps

Angelsport Gerlinger GmbH


Web Development:
– complete technical implementation of the online shop
– continuous support and development of the online shop
– interface development
– connection to a numerous web services such as ERP, payment systems and marketplaces
– mobile optimized design implementation
– relaunch

Online Marketing:
– comprehensive keyword research
– technical SEO optimization
– creation of numerous SEO landing pages
– ongoing technical optimization measures
– strategic advice on Online Marketing
– content creation for fishing-related topics
– newsletter marketing
– control of price comparison portals like Idealo,, etc.
– AdWords campaigns: Search, Display, Shopping, Remarketing
– Facebook advertising campaigns

Joe Nimble / BÄR GmbH

Joe Nimble

Web Development:
– continuous support and development of the online shop
– ongoing technical optimization measures
– mobile optimized design implementation

Online Marketing:
– comprehensive keyword research
– technical SEO optimization
– strategic advice on online marketing
– content creation on functional shoes and its health benefits
– consultation for Google AdWords campaigns

Campaign-App CONNECT17


General services:
– concept creation
– design implementation
– development
– deployment
– documentation
– Facebook login connection

Backend Features:
– API with app connection
– extensive configuration options
– visual evaluations
– import / export of information and statistics on home visits, opinions and demographics
– interactive map
– e-mail notification on request for all actions
– dynamic rights and roles system
– gamification

Services in detail:
– analysis and development of the app based on the predecessor
– complete rebuild as the CONNECT17 app
– continuous development of the app through new features
– development of intelligent synchronization algorithms that ensures the smooth functionality of the app with poor or no reception
– planning and development of a customized CMS
– development and documentation of an interface for the app’s connection to the CMS
– continuous integration / delivery

Operating systems:
iOS, Android

Smartphone, Tablet

Ionic, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, PHP, Laravel

How the app works:
The revolutionary app CONNECT17 offers politicians and their helpers professional support during campaigning, door-to-door visits and social networks. It allows convenient networking, provides up-to-date information and allows to record and evaluate voter’s concerns centrally.

The app obtains the required data and configurations via a tailor-made interface connected to CMS. Data recorded in the app is sent back to the CMS via API to enable extensive evaluations. Among other things, statistics on voter opinions, demographics, success rates, potential analyzes and other data can be viewed and exported. In addition, interactive maps with various filtering functions are available. Furthermore, various gamification factors were used in the app, such as rank titles and achievements which are configured automatically.

Graf-Dichtungen GmbH


Development services:
– concept creation
– design implementation
– image recognition / machine learning
– individual back-end for process monitoring and control (API / Microservices)
– Magento shop connection
– landing page
– development
– deployment


Desktop and Smartphones

C++, OpenCV, Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Magento

Backend Features:
– API with shop connection
– statistics and server data analysis
– visual evaluations of image recognition
– feedback loop to improve processes
– import of shop information

Measures at a glance:
– development of a contour-based image recognition for over 4,000 seals
– implementation of an intelligent algorithm for calibrating a seal with a database
– continuous improvement of the image recognition software
– planning and development of a customer-specific backend with statistics and evaluation options
– development of an interface for the connection of the shop

Benefits for the customer / user:
Graf-Dichtungen GmbH offers over 4.000 seals in their online shop. Many of these can be very similar. This makes it difficult for laymen and sometimes even for professionals to distinguish between different products. To make it easier for the customers to find the seal they are looking for without having to search through the whole product range, this app allows them to upload a photo of their own seal and the intelligence of the app will immediately find the right product. This simplifies the purchasing process a lot and creates a positive shopping experience.

This app brought the company an innovation price in a competition “Trade in transition” (“Handel im Wandel”).

Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH


Full services in SEO:
– competitor analysis
– SEO analysis
– technical SEO optimization

– comprehensive keyword research
– creation of numerous SEO landing pages
– strategic advice on online marketing
– tracking and monitoring

Nuclear Blast Tonträger Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH


– PPC marketing with Google AdWords (SEA)
– campaign management for CD releases
– professional structuring of the individual campaigns in the Google AdWords customer center
– integration of tracking measures for the online shop
– analysis and evaluation of the advertising measures

Already at the very first collaboration period of Nov 2014 – June 2015, the sales increased considerably. The professional management of AdWords achieved sales growth of 1,884% in direct and prepared conversions.

Book and offset printing H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG


Web Development:
– continuous support and development of the online shop
– integration of several payment systems
– mobile optimized design implementation

Online Marketing:
– comprehensive keyword research
– technical SEO optimization
– creation of numerous SEO landing pages
– ongoing technical optimization measures
– Google AdWords Campaigns: Search, display, remarketing

Mollie Makes Germany / OZ-Verlags-GmbH


The goal:
In order to reach more Mollie Makes fans we decided to run paid Facebook Ads.We defined the target group as a female user aged 25 to 45 with hobbies and interests including sewing, knitting or crocheting or who were connected to Etsy or Dawanda, which are the two major online shops for handmade products.

For the best possible results, we tested various ads with the following variables:

– placements: news feed on the computer or in the right column
– device types: computer & mobile or mobile only
– audience / target group: Adjustments in the age group
– audience / target group: More precise geo-targeting
– copywriting: different ad texts

Measures taken:
– PPC ad marketing with Facebook Ads to increase the # of fans
– audience analysis & targeting

After a very good start with the Facebook Ads, the cost per Like averaged at 9 cents.   This is better than 80% of the all similar Ad results. Over the time period of 31 days, Facebook Ads brought the site 2078 new fans.  Together with the organic likes, the total number of “Mollie Makes” fans increased from 7,664 to 9,900. This corresponds to an 1.285% increase in growth rate within one month. / BÄR GmbH

– relaunch of the multilingual landing page
– content consultation
– technical SEO optimization
– content SEO optimization
– blog integration (multilingual)
– newsletter marketing

Tasks and requirements:
The goal was to rebuild the product and information page of the „Joe Nimble“ brand with SEO optimized content, integrate more Call-to-Action elements, dynamic graphic design and multilingualism. A multilingual blog was set up for additional interaction and general education on the topic. The blog features regular content published by athletes and scientists on walking and health.

IVF Hartmann AG


– keyword research on selected topics: Medical products, wound symposia, health and logistics
– SEO consultation
– creation of SEO texts

Healthcare with tradition
The global company specializes in manufacturing medical supplies and creating logistics concepts. Hospitals and nursing homes are delivered surgical supplies and specially developed innovative products, disinfectants and wound care.

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