For our client Stobag, we provided the following services in e-commerce and app development:

    • Creation of their website using TYPO3
    • Optimization of the website for mobile devices
    • Creation of the portal in multiple languages and complete SEO optimisation
    • Creation of a Markisen planning app

  • Saltatio Mortis

    For the Middle Ages rock band Saltatio Mortis we were able to provide the following services in online marketing:

    • Optimisation of their social media outlets on Facebook and YouTube
    • Creation and implementation of editorial plans
    • Increase in sales for their shop thanks to newsletter marketing
    • Creation of website content
    • Conceptualisation and execution of give-aways
    Saltatio Mortis
  • MyElco Switzerland

    For our client MyElco, we completed a project in the area of web portals and websites, including:

    • A shop system with inventory control using TYPO3
    • Development of web-to-print integration
    • Complete product import for their online shop

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