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Use the benefits of both the native and web app and develop a hybrid app with IronShark.

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  • One app for several platforms

    Hybrid app is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to build an App that works with Android, iOS as well as in your browser.

  • Web app and native app combined

    Your app is available in the browser and also in the App Store: combine the benefits of both web & native app!

  • Benefit from years of experience

    Our experts have years of experience in app development and provide you with professional support and implementation.

  • Excellent user experience

    Whether it’s over the browser or directly from the Smartphone screen, your customers can enjoy an intuitive and user friendly experience.

  • Save costs with fast implementation

    In contrast to native apps hybrid apps can be implemented faster and much cheaper.

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We have created Apps for:

Hybrid App: Service by IronShark

Development of your app

According to your requirements: During the development we are in close contact with you.

Development and optimization

We accompany you from the idea until the finished product as well as make the necessary optimizations.

Online Marketing

In order for your new App to find new users we create appropriate and working marketing campaigns.


Our professional developers keep your App up-to-date and safe with regular updates.

Marketing concept

We implement your ideas as a native app or as a web app – according to your requirements.

Full Service Agentur

Our experts will develop the Hybrid App and further assist you with content, marketing and technology.

Hybrid App: Native & Web App combined

The big advantage for our customers: Hybrid apps consist of a native framework as well as a locally stored web app and combine the advantages of native apps and web apps. You can access several hardware and software components of the terminal and run it not only on mobile devices and PCs, but also on different operating systems. IronShark makes it possible! We will decide which form of app is the right one for you and accompany you in addition to the development and programming also with its marketing. Save time and money by developing a hybrid app with IronShark.

App development

We turn your idea into reality. A Hybrid App could be the best solution.

Updates and adjustments

We take care of the maintenance of your App and make regular optimizations.

Marketing campaigns

We develop the right advertising strategy for your Hybrid App

IronShark: The agency for your Hybrid App

Professional support & successful implementation!

Hybrid Apps – The future of app development?

Combine the benefits and functions of native and web app in one.

More and more users access websites with their mobile devices. Thus, Apps have become indispensable these days. However, not all apps are the same. We have summarized the key points that need to be considered and brought out the differences of each.

One code for different devices?

In the world of mobile-first users typically use more than one mobile device to access the Internet. In addition to tablets and smartphones there are also smart TVs, wearables and smartwatches. Therefore, it is excellent to have apps that can be made available for all types of devices.

From a developer’s point of view, however, this is not so easy to realize. Mainly because the mobile devices often differ by their operating system and each mobile platform has its own software development kit (SDK) and its own integrated development environment. That’s why not all apps run on all platforms. For example, an app developed for Android cannot be used on an iPhone. If the app is intended to be used on different devices, the code must be rewritten or adapted. This is where the hybrid app comes into play. Hybrid Apps consist of a locally stored web app, which is not embedded in the browser but is a part of a native app.

Hybrid apps based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are connected to a hybrid mobile architecture via a container or a framework. The best-known frameworks currently include Cordova and Ionic. Through such tools you are able to write a code that is suitable for all devices. Because the hybrid apps are developed platform independent you can save time and money on the development.

Which app is the right one for you?

  • Should the app be available on the App Store?
  • Should the app work on a range of mobile devices?
  • Which hardware components should be accessible by the app (e.g. camera)?
  • What is your budget?

Native app, web app, hybrid Aápp – What are the differences?

Native apps are developed specifically for an operating system –  e.g. for iOS, Android or Windows – and can be installed and used via the respective App Store. Since they have access to operating system functions, the possibilities of the hardware can be optimally utilized.

Web apps, also known as HTML5 apps, are cross-platform applications that are located on the Web. They can be accessed via the web browser and do not require installation. However, for security reasons, web apps can not access all hardware components and are dependant on an Internet connection.

Hybrid apps have a small native frame as well as a locally stored web app. You can access several hardware and software components of the terminal and it can also be run on different operating systems.

When should you choose a hybrid app?

The more complex the app the more it makes sense to use native development. Native apps are clearly better in terms of performance and usability than web and hybrid apps are. However, if you want to create an app for multiple platforms, where the use of the native features of the operating system is not too extensive, you are better off with a hybrid app.


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