AdWords Analysis

Are your campaigns optimized? Do you have unnecessary costs for clicks? We will analyze your AdWords account and show potentials to reduce costs and increase conversions!

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  • Save costs

    Use your money effeciently: By identifying inefficient advertising costs, you can avoid unprofitable campaigns and use your budget profitably.

  • Conversion settings

    Evaluate your data correctly: IronShark will review your conversion settings and provide guidance on how to properly implement the goals that are important to you.

  • Account structure

    Avoid unnecessary keyword cannibalization with an organized account and campaign structure that is ideally optimized for your website.

  • Campaign settings

    We’ll set up your account for any future optimization efforts. In addition, we advise you on appropriate bid strategies for your campaigns.

Torsten Ivens

Sales Consultant

„I am sure you can get more out of your AdWords account! Let me explain you the possibilities of our AdWords analysis.“

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We have made Adwords analyzes for:

Our AdWords Analysis services:

Account structure analysis

We find out if your conversions are captured correctly and show you optimization potentials.

Evaluating cost allocation

We find potentials to save costs on your AdWords spent, optimize it and improve your ROI.

Keyword discovery

We will check if the campaign keywords and the wording of the Ads are optimized for best results.

KPI development

We analyze the causes of different developments in your CPCs, revenues and costs occurred and based on that develop the way forward.

Clever cost allocation

We increase the profitability of your account by distributing the costs between efficient and promising campaigns.

Full transparency

We break down all results comprehensibly and in detail. We will also reason and explain our measures for you to have a full transparency.

AdWords analytics as a starting point for successful advertising:

We are a Google Partner! Use it for your advantage!

AdWords analysis as a basis to increase your revenue:

Our AdWords analyzes put the accounts of our customers on a test. We track conversions, keyword dilution, and the usage of relevant ad extensions.

Based on the cost-to-revenue ratio, our experts recommend bid adjustments optimizations in regard of advertising times, devices and locations. Furthermore, we help you avoid unnecessary expenses by identifying and excluding irrelevant search terms. Based on the AdWords analysis, we make recommendations for further actions and implement them at your request.

AdWords optimization

We optimize your AdWords account and identify relevant keywords on a regular basis.

SEA marketing

Do you want to advertise on Facebook, Instagram or in the search engines? Sure, let us know!

Long-term management

After the AdWords analysis, we’ll manage your ads long-term and take over your advertising campaigns.


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