SEO Analysis

Based on a comprehensive SEO analysis, we determine how you compare to your competitors and improve your Google ranking significantly.

  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses

    We analyze your current state of your website which helps to recognize your potentials and new opportunities.

  • Communicate your USP

    SEO analysis involves a comprehensive analysis of your competitors, which enables you to always be a step ahead of your competition.

  • SEO analysis as a basis for more sales

    Well-targeted SEO texts and technical system adjustments help to significantly improve your Google ranking.

  • Achieve conversion goals

    Based on the SEO analysis you can derive conversion goals and work out a profitable strategy.

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„Our SEO analyzes are a one-time service that builds your online marketing strategy. Happy to advise you!“

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We have done SEO analyzes for:

SEO Analysis: Our services

Full-service SEO

SEO analyzes are regarded as the basis for a comprehensive SEO support and content marketing.

Technical SEO

To ensure an optimized crawling of your website we implement measures like adapting software, source code, redirects and server configuration.

Current state analysis

We reveal your strengths and weaknesses and check your website both from a technical and a content perspective.

Competitor analysis

Keep an eye on the competition: We review the ranking, product range, loading speed, document and page structure, technology and other clues.

Keyword research

Based on relevant keywords and the search volume we create a meaningful page structure and determine a content strategy with added value.

Create SEO texts

SEO analyzes reveal niches, topics and keywords with potential for which we write value added blog posts, landing pages or product descriptions.

Discover optimization possibilities with SEO analyzes:

Our SEO analysis includes competition analysis, keyword analysis and technical analysis. Our customers ask for this individual service to have a basis for their further activities in online marketing. Specifically, to plan strategic search engine optimization. Big advantage of IronShark is the possibility to inquire full-service SEO support. This ensures that SEO analysis, SEO texts and technical SEO all come from one source and build on each other. With the interlinking processes you increase your website ranking, gain recognition and significantly increase your sales. Benefit from our experience and expertise in SEO.

Full-service SEO

Search engine optimization: At IronShark, successful measures build on SEO analysis.

Online marketing

Content marketing, SEA marketing and social media management lead your services to success.

Create SEO texts

Based on the keyword research, we write suitable SEO texts with high ranking opportunities.

SEO Analysis:

Improve your online presence with IronShark!

SEO Analysis

The basis for a long-term success! 

As part of the SEO analysis, your website or webshop is rated with professional SEO tools regarding the aspects of search engine optimization. The determined data from the keyword and competition analysis are presented to you transparently and understandably. Based on this you can identify and expand your potential, weaknesses and strengths.

Improve your Google ranking, increase your conversions and generate more revenue, exploit potential and above all: Stay one step ahead of your competition!

For the evaluation of the SEO analysis, we check if a functional tracking is set up not to distort the results. Only this way can we record and analyze user behavior. Based on this, we can answer why and where visitors bounce, how users find your page and how to derive initial conversion goals.

On the content level we examine document structure and if you have complied with the SEO guidelines for headings, the title tag and the meta descriptions. Technical SEO is very extensive: Among other things we check loading speed, source code errors, faulty server configurations, old and broken links and redirect them.

Competitor analysis

Find out where your competitors are careless. By occupying niches not only will you increase your visitor numbers but your sales will increase as well. The goal of competitor analysis is to compare the visibility of your competition and reveal their strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to identify potentials that have not been used and it can be the fast lane to success for the long term.

The SEO analysis in relation to the competitor analysis form the basis for a successful SEO, which significantly increases your website ranking.

Many companies say that they know their competitors. However, experience shows the knowledge seems to rest on a very superficial level. Although SEO analyzes are time-consuming, they are very important for your success! SEO analysis is the first step in the direction of operative search engine optimization.

Determine your current status with an SEO analysis:

We discover optimization potential for your long-term success!

Keyword research

Do you know what your customers are looking for? The keyword research provides information about relevant search terms to which you should rank for. SEO analysis shows which keywords you already rank well and what ranking opportunities you have previously omitted. We’ll show you which transactional, short and long-tail keywords you should use to successfully fill a niche and pick up potential customers. Even low search volume can achieve great success.

From the keyword research you can also derive your menu and page structure for your online shop. This allows your visitors to intuitively navigate through your website. The ease of use will be noticeable in addition to the long time-on-page and increasing sales. Our SEO analyzes are the basis for many more online marketing and SEO measures. We pare happy to advise you!

Based on the keyword research and the competitor analysis, the operative full-service SEO support can begin.

Search volumes tell you if a keyword or topic has potential. Our experts know which keywords you can use to talk to your target group and write SEO texts in accordance. Our Content managers are excellent in familiarizing themselves with specific topics quickly. Whether creative, user-friendly, full of information or product descriptions – based on the SEO analysis, we drive your conversions up in the sky.

We improve your Google ranking by including all relevant keyword groups of your topic in the posts. These are provided with internal links to simultaneously guide your readers on the platform. Our performance and your achievements are measurable by SEO tools and are presented transparently to you. You retain full control of success and can always talk to us regarding your ideas and goals. We note this in our SEO analyzes.

Technical analysis

Do you want to rank in top of Google? Good texts and document structure alone are not enough. You also have to create the technical prerequisites. This includes clean source code, a fast website, the redirection of non-existent weblinks and error-free server configurations.

As part of the SEO analysis we discover technical weaknesses and optimize them. This one-time performance will show rapid success and will also affect the time-on-page of the user. Create a technically sound framework and bring your content to the top in Google rankings.


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