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Successful online projects with Content as a Service (CaaS). IronShark sets up a headless CMS system for the best content management.

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  • eZ Publish: THE web portal

    Manage content in the entire editorial team with eZ platform and assign editing rights and accesses for your employees.

  • Content management with REST-API

    Manage your content via eZ Platform and play the content across multiple interfaces – whether TYPO3, WordPress, Magento or your app.

  • Multilingual, multi-user and multi-site

    eZ Platform allows you to optimize your content for multiple devices  and regulate multilingualism through multisites.

  • Content repository

    eZ Platform allows you to organize your content to fit your goals. This means more efficient workflow, cost and time savings.

  • What you see is what you get!

    Easy integration and intuitive operation: Compose and edit your content directly in the input mask. This way you see directly how user is going to see it.  

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Customers who trusted in IronShark

Our eZ Platform services:

Transition to eZ platform

The deployment and migration to eZ platform should be well planned. We ensure a smooth process.

Frontend development

We develop a suitable front-end for your output formats – that suits your request.

Content Marketing

We will create effective and engaging content for eZ platform and enlarge digital experiences beyond your site

Web Development

Do you need a centralized CMS and want the content to naturally adapt to the appropriate target media? We will develop your web portals according to your needs.

Full service offerings

Whether in online marketing, app or web development: Our experts benefit from many years of experience and are happy to answer any questions.

Setup, support and maintenance

Not only do we ensure that the eZ platform is set up for you, we also look after you in the  long term and take care of necessary maintenance.

Manage all your media with the eZ Platform

EZ Platform customers benefit from the Headless Content Management System because all content is centrally bundled. Write your content once and send it via the REST API to social media, news portals, to the Smart TV in medical practices or optimized for the mobile view. By dividing content and its structure, eZ Platform automatically recognizes how the texts have to be adapted for a different medium. This saves you valuable working time. Furthermore, the editors benefit from the input mask, where you can see how the readers will see the content and take necessary adjustments right there.

News sites and news portals

Individual pages with high traffic volume – where the content is the business.

Apps for mobile devices

Whether nativ app, Internet Kiosk, Smart TV or Smart Watch – we take care of your content and link it to apps with APIs.

Forums and social media sites

Easily design and fill apps and portals where users come together.

Maximum time savings with eZ platform

IronShark makes it possible!

eZ Platform: One content, full flexibility!

Smarter content, yet easier work!

eZ platform makes CaaS (Content as a Service) easy. Rich digital experiences are shared with your readers with a simple click. For publishers, e-commerce and organizations, this means far-reaching and time-saving content delivery that goes far beyond the website. Content that can be shared across multiple channels and apps. Direct and adapted to the local target group. eZ Platform is not understood as a website but rather as a web portal in which all content is managed and distributed via your channels, pages and shops. That is why eZ Platform is described as the Headless CMS, which uses its REST API to play the content.

  • Do you want to reach customers with your content and constantly add new touchpoints?
  • Are you looking for a highly stable system that makes it easy to create and distribute content?
  • Do you need the flexibility of a cloud but the typical single-tenant architecture control?

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eZ Platform: When is the web portal the right choice for you?

If you are looking for a powerful CMS with a wide array of functions. Although the well-known CMS TYPO3 can be used in a variety of ways it is rather less suitable for very large and multinational websites. As the page grows in size you lose track of the content and many desirable features will no longer be available.

eZ is more powerful, much easier to use and more flexible than TYPO3.

For larger demands, you are well covered with the eZ Platform. eZ Platform offers


    • concept creation for more than one platform – e.g. for desktop PCs, smartphones, smart TVs and more,
    •  a more flexible content management than with TYPO3; you can create your own templates, categorize and design content,
    •  the maintenance of multilingual content
    • the administrations of multiple websites through a common repository an
    • almost endless expansion possibilities.

Why eZ Platform?

eZ platform is running  Symfony2 with a cleaner new backend. With eZ Platform you can manage content, databases and content classes as well as roles and user rights. With the eZ online editor, the work of the editors is greatly simplified, as only functions are displayed that are available in the text. In addition to that, an enhanced page preview provides the ability to test how pages look like on different devices so they can be adjusted.

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition: Additional Features, Support & Warranty

Multiple sites can be created and managed with the eZ Platform Enterprise Edition. Thus, eZ Platform fulfills all wishes for a commercial enterprise CMS. The security of the content platform has priority and is guaranteed by regular system checks and bug fixes. In addition, accesses and authorizations in eZ Enterprise are  role-based. This ensures that users can only use the content which is also intended for them.

Thanks to multichannel and multidevice support, content can be easily shared across different channels. For multilingual sites, eZ Enterprise allows you to manage multiple web objects in any number of languages. For a successful information structure, eZ Platform Enterprise Edition offers a content repository that makes it easy to structure content through its flexible design. In addition, owing to its variety of tools, eZ Platform Enterprise Edition allows developers to quickly implement new fetures.

With eZ platform you can create every imaginable content for all sorts of media options: Websites, iOS & Android apps, eKiosks, your intranet, e-commerce and collaboration portals. With Content-as-a-Service, you have the opportunity to react quicker to adding new touchpoints and reach customers with your content even better.

Safe system

The open source CMS eZ systems is the ideal system for digital applications.

Because if content is your business you need to guarantee a high quality system stability. eZ Systems is designed for the use of numerous users as well as the delivery of content to multi-devices.

eZ Platform Studio

Studio now makes it easier to edit landing pages without the need for HTML knowledge. In addition, a Flex workflow can make collaboration more effective by allowing the developer to decide who should revise the content. The content’s release date can also be automated on the landing page in order  to streamline planning. So it is possible that future updates and extensions of a landing page will be demanded as soon as they are created.

However, these new features are only available in the eZ Platform Enterprise Edition. The Open Source Edition still includes creation, editing, publishing, and provides access to a repository.

Easy distribution of your content needs a simple usability with many features. Your editors, marketers and possibly developers have the user experience completely in their hands. Because with the flexible repository and available settings, the content model is individually designed. More importantly, it is designed by you and can be adjusted differently for multi-channel and multi-device. To do so, you simply need to add new touchpoints.

Ultimate flexibility

With eZ Systems, backend content is completely independent of frontend rendering. This makes formatting and authoring as easy as with any word document. The editors create the content and the system assigns the individual components to the target medium.

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