Object Tracking

IronShark is your partner for the successful implementation of object tracking applications.

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  • Video surveillance

    Object tracking allows you to recognize and evaluate motion sequences in videos and in real-time recordings.

  • Object Tracking

    Track objects in different image sequences and determine their size and position.

  • Face recognition and tracking

    Object tracking allows you to detect, track and locate faces.

  • Augmented reality

    QR codes or markers can be used to implement augmented reality scenarios.

  • Autonomous systems

    Developing autonomous driver assistance systems helps you gain more safety and comfort.

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We have realized projects for:

Object Tracking: This is what we offer!

Video surveillance

With our object tracking solutions you have the possibility to track objects in video streams.

Real time object tracking

We develop solutions that determine where objects are located and where they are moving in real time.

Object Recognition

Track faces and objects in different sequences of pictures – exactly for your application.

Face recognition

Our solutions provide you with the opportunity to track faces and objects in image sequences both in the same video as well as in different videos.

Augmented reality

Are you looking to implement augmented reality in your application? We will implement this for you with the help of QR codes.

Longterm support

We are happy to provide you with advice and keep your application up-to-date even after the launch date – fit for the future.

Video surveillance with Object Tracking

Our developers have proven their expertise in object tracking for a surveillance camera start up. Thus, we are able to track people and objects over the camera. This allows you to monitor your home better while out of house and to track your pets or to catch burglars in the act.

Do you have an idea that could be implemented with object tracking? Let’s get in contact! We will develop an application that is tailored exactly to your field of application. We also specialize in machine learning, object recognition , image and text recognition and label recognition.


More security thanks to video surveillance and tracking options.

Object Recognition

Track faces and objects in different sequences of pictures.

Augmented Reality

Perceive reality a little different. Inspiring Applications for you.

Object Tracking with IronShark

Detect and track objects

Do you need an application to track objects?

IronShark will be the perfect partner for you!

Object tracking refers to the tracking of object configurations in image sequences. With the help of different applications you are able to evaluate the position as well as the size and orientation in real time. But also contours or the color tracking is possible. Object tracking is used in video surveillance and in the investigation of motion sequences. We are happy to develop solutions for you in the areas of machine learning, object recognition , image and text recognition and label recognition.

Object Tracking – What’s included?

  • Video surveillance (tracking of objects, face recognition)
  • Motion capturing
  • Augmented reality (computer-aided extension of reality)
  • Autonomous assistance systems (e.g. the parking aid in a car)

Do you have an idea for an application which you want to imply with object tracking? Our experts are happy to advise you and implement your project in a timely manner.


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