Do You expect your job to match with your life and lifestyle? – So do we!

We are not looking for temporary solutions:

We are looking for long-term employees to join our team! Thus, it is more important to us to find the right candidate than to fill the position as quickly as possible.

Current job offers

Student PHP Developer
All of the following is self-evident for us:

    • Relaxed everyday life
      Professional work in a relaxed atmosphere. We are convinced that creative solutions thrive in a friendly and cooperative team. Our teams and offices are small, that gives you the possibility to work on your tasks in peace and without interruptions. In addition to that our shark tank knows nothing else but flat organisational structures and there is no dress code. Seriously, come as you are!

    • Your own work-time-allocation and free choice of holidays
      Our core working time is between 10AM and 4PM but when do you exactly want to start your day is up to you! On top of that, you can choose your holiday whenever – even while on your trial period!

    • A real 40-hour week
      Our goal is to avoid overtime. Should it nevertheless incur, you will be paid for every additional hour or you’ll get time off in lieu. Weekends are free and vacation is a VACATION! 🙂

    • Continuous education
      Every employee has his or her own budget which can be used for academies, conferences, BarCamps, Udemy courses, literature and more. In addition to that, we hold internal academies on a regular basis in order to keep all our sharks in the loop.
    • Part-time options available
      According to your life and lifestyle, we offer part-time working options starting from 20 hours a week.

    • IronShark is family-friendly
      We live and encourage family! This includes benefits such as paid leave when your child is sick, options for Kindergarten subsidies, and most importantly – you can allocate your working time to fit with your children’s schedule. If necessary, you can also work from home. Parental leave is possible for both mommies and daddies!

    • We promote health and help with your retirement planning
      Your health is the most precious thing you have! That is why ergonomic working stations are very important to us. Also, a company pension scheme is available to you, upon request – of course with a subsidy from our side. On top of that, you can always visit our company doctor when needed.

    • We won’t leave you out on dry
      We want to make sure that you won’t be dehydrating during your creative work, so there is unlimited reserves of water, mate, teas, coffee and soft drinks for you to enjoy.
    • Accessibility
      IronShark offices are located in the heart of Jena, in JenTower. Not only will you have a great view from there but it is also easily accessible by public transport.

    • Stability
      Permanent employment contracts as well as prompt and fair salary is as self-evident to us as our open and honest corporate culture.

    • Innovation instead of freeze-up
      Grow with your tasks in this dynamic industry and supportive working atmosphere. We encourage continuous education and interdisciplinary work.

      Swim along!

We are looking for you as a new employee in the shark tank of IronShark!
In addition to fruit, you will find other daily enrichments to brighten up your day as an IronShark employee.
Your workplace in the heart of Jena
Your workplace in the heart of Jena

We are looking for #You!

As a team, we’re only as innovative and productive as the personnel in our ranks.

Are you a good team player? Can you identify complex coherences and work with source code?

We are always looking for new sharks to swim with our swarm!
Whether you are a babyshark, or you’re a seasoned veteran in the software business, we’d love to have you on our team. Are you interested in the work we do? Does our company culture and IronShark team sound good to you?

If you are like us and think SOLUTIONS + you love to work in a team, then send us your complete application per e-mail at – please include: cover letter, CV, certificates, as well as your salary expectation and the earliest possible starting date.

Apply now to one of the open positions offered here OR submit an unsolicited application.

Andreas Brose E-Commerce Projektleiter IronShark Spezialist Magento

Andreas Brose



Jeder im Team hat seine Ideen. Und es ist super, dass wir diese immer einbringen können.


Diana Kulke



Ich genieße, dass es hier entspannt zugeht – selbst bei fordernden Projekten.

Gesa Räcke IronShark Online Marketing Managerin Foto s/w Mitarbeiterfoto

Gesa Räcke

Online Marketing Managerin


Ich bin gerade Mutter in spe und freue mich, dass ich hier Job & Familie ohne Probleme wuppen kann.

Alex Weise Vertrieb Ansprechpartner IronShark Internetagentur

Alexander Weise

Sales Manager


Das eigene Fortbildungsbudget ist für mich ein klarer Benefit.